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The Renegade Shadow-VultureFighter by WildonVantrix The Renegade Shadow-VultureFighter by WildonVantrix
This is the model I built myself for the Lego MBA(Master Builders Academy) kit-1 "Space-Design" gallery.

These ships were originally sold by ship dealers intended to be appealing to a stealthy space sniper, or space bounty-hunters, and some-times, quite the struggle to get your hands-on one. Some are so rare usually only there riders know where, when, or who they came from. Their wings were designed with the intention of concealing its weaponry out of plain sight as well as double as ramming-claws and shields meant to protect it from it's intended flight environment in asteroid fields from being crushed as well as guard it from apposing fire. They are complete with an array of cloaking and concealment systems. The controls have almost always been modified by the rider in a way meant to give him as much capability and control as possible. Ironically, this shuttle would also be highly prized by space pirates, that is if you could can get past any of the also re-customized security controls that are also re-modified by the if clever rider to prevent hijacks.

How I built it:
I began with the rough sketches on paper and brick-paper, knowing i wanted a fighter ship with wings that could double as claws to rip, strike grip, and/or cripple its opponent. I wanted a roomy cockpit but did not want to use the sleek white pieces for the under side, so I made my own sleek black underside with other pieces and sideways-building. I tried using the shape of the body I sketch out on brick-paper, working out how to build the arm for the bending/striking function for the claw-like wings. I then had gave it a raised engine to perform fantastic maneuvers with wing fully extended or folded up for more stealthier, tight flight. I figured sideways-building would be the best used for the claws on the wings as well as attach them to the arms. I wanted colors that fit with it like in the story I gave you such as black with greens and some red to give it a little grimness. I wanted to keep it sleek like the other ships in kit 1. I Gave it retractible landing gear so its wings would not be touching the ground when landed and folded up to keep a stealthy aerodynamic shape when flying. the first time i built the wings they were a little heavy for the arms, so I took some pieces off and made them lighter to keep it balanced. the wings are detailed with weapons like the blasters on the insides, and a slightly exposed machine like engine or generator on the outside(built with two lego mini-fig wrenches and a clear transparent mini micro-building windshield brick.) with plenty of vents for details.
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