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(Kids of The Time Paradox)


After time travel has been mastered by many chronomancers a new race of beings had began to form. Coming from worlds that that no longer exist or vanished (possibly from shifts in time), and protected by tech that keeps  them safe from shifts in the timeline, they have been simply referred to as the “people of the time paradox”. More people had begun to cling to this tech to protect themselves, out of the fear of possibly being erased.

Then eventually… after many shifts in time, for reasons unjust, conflicts had began to break out. Now out of the heartbreaking devastation of the battling, a small group of children has begun to form a new team in the wars.

These children, consisting of half-related siblings and cousins from different times (new and lost from rewritten history), have agreed either to put aside there differences or that they have a lot in common because of being living time-paradoxes. They eventually decide to be going on a quest to try to bring harmony to the warring people of time paradoxes, by various situations, which either, or by finding evidence that proves it (the legend of the starship silver typhoon), which in a way or ways prove that life forms of conflicting destinies can live and be in peace with one another as they them selves do, no matter how tricky, or despite the fact that things may not be as they appear….

Latter they begin to refer themselves as the  “Kids of The Time Paradox”.


(Kids of The Time Paradox)

This story is a MXYL Sonic/Sega fan-fic that I have been wanting to tell and maybe… want to be made into a fan comic (no promises), but I thought perhaps I should share this idea in the form of a short written novel, before trying.

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Submitted on
December 25, 2013