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Extraterrestrial City/Metropolis by WildonVantrix Extraterrestrial City/Metropolis by WildonVantrix
This is the model I built myself for the Lego MBA(Master Builders Academy) kit-2 "Microbuild" gallery.

I wanted to have & do one of my old art sketches from art class a long time ago for my "microbuild", so I could see what it would really looked like being sculpted.... in lego micro-scale.

I did not use brick paper, but I was able to capture the buildings & shapes somehow by just the sketch alone.

My first attempt started with the building you only see part of in the sketch, but was much bigger, so i decided to scale down even smaller, which would take away some details but still be strongly recognized by the shapes, colors, and small-details & small-elements technique.

The drawing I did was the buildings on the home planet of one of my old alien characters I made up in/for art class. The building were braced with giant plaits of orange and blue metal, so I used those colors as I originally imagined, with gray as a spare color, and transparent bricks for the possible windows. The building to the right was built with many docking platforms placed row after row, so I thought these places would be the best with the smooth stud-less really big plates to give the ships a flat surface to be landed/parked on, as well as the other landing platforms. Some of the structures were rigged to give the impression of decks or the sides, like with the tower on the far left with the blue cheese slope brick, and bare clip brick, and handle brick. I finished it off with 9 custom micro-building space ships & 2 pieces that represent stray cargo on the decks. At the last moment I raised all the structures with spare gray pieces 2 bricks and 1 plate higher to better represent skyscrapers, and make the bottom base plates less represent solid ground because there are supposed to be no street or ground level, and this makes the landing platform in the middle with a wall seem raised and not built on a solid-surface, plus the odd shape of the gray pieces almost sorta seems like pipes, cables, & other maintenance works below the buildings.
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November 19, 2012
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